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Specialising in Statutory Compliance
with full repair capabilities to international standards

Nacelle and Davit cranes including chain blocks. Load tests competed and repair capabilities. Many manufacturers as HIAB, Palfinger, HMF, GMH, LIFTRA, Tractel, Yale etc.


6 Month / Annual inspection and repair including load test of man-riding equipment on Skyman, Avanti, Powerclimber, Goracon, Hailo etc.

Lifts / Tower hoists

Inspection and test requirements performed on PRV’s and accumulators. Provision of Written Scheme of Examination.

Pressure systems

Anchor Points and Pad Eyes. Escape points. Latchways, Miller, Scala/Cabloc, Skylotec. Ladders. Fire Extinguishers.

Anchor point, Fall arrest systems, Emergency equipment

Bespoke Asset Management System with live reports available to customers. Full traceability of all assets associated with Statutory inspection with images provided.

Work progress reported online

Technical Specialists on Man-Riding Equipment (Lift/Towerhoist) Bespoke training provided to customers’ needs and industry demands.

Training for clients

Bespoke access rig capabilities for onshore and offshore. Blade Inspection including drone and access rig. Repair specialists.

Blade access and repair

Base grouting specialists with IH Brown, RJ McLeod…. Water proofing and Liquid plastics specialists. Many OEM partnerships.

Base grouting, Foundation / Water proofing

Rope access capabilities for cleaning and painting internally and externally. Weather proofing and ongoing maintenance.

Cleaning / Painting, Coating

Skyform Wind performs TMSE / Statutory Inspection and Repairs in line with international and best practise standards for many WTG OEM’s. We already have strategic partnerships in place for a variety of the main asset manufacturers. Our engineers undertake necessary training requirements to confirm competence is maintained to allow for customer compliance to be achieved.

Online Database:

All WTG’s under our care are recorded onto our bespoke software system Prime 4. Every assets maintained on each turbine are recorded, photographed and all relevant documentation are held within Prime.
Our customers are given confidential access to the information allowing full transparency of works undertaken, repairs and current condition of assets. The software is linked to the Skyform tablets used by our engineers and all information gathered are visible to view by customers within hours. Reports can be run on turbines, particular assets or by complete windfarm allowing a truly holistic portal for customers to use.

Clients can access their reports here >>

Training for Clients:

Skyform Wind performs “Safe Use and Troubleshooting“ training on the Skyman TH250 Towerhoist. We offer this service to many of the OEM’s and Operators.
Within our Glasgow Head Office sits our Towerhoist for training but we also have site in Newcastle and have the capabilities to bring to requested areas like we did previously to Belfast, London, Grimsby, North Wales.
The course usually takes half a day and ensures those using the man-riding equipment on WTG’s are aware of the features of the product, how to perform safety checks, identify potential issues and deal with them – the alternatives to the training may be climbing!

Fully trained. Fully Certified.