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Projects in Brief


Some of Skyform's customer base include;

  • Siemens
  • Centrica
  • Statkraft
  • Deutsche Windtechnik Ltd

BaTii – 19 Onshore WTG’s Siemens / SPR

As the industry experts, we were contacted by Siemens in Brande to undertake retrofit works to existing platforms on the x19 WTG’s at BaTii. The works included initial feasibility study followed by 3D design modelling to satisfy the client the retrofit works would not impact SWL.

The time frames for this works was very challenging however we resourced correctly and completed the works to the satisfaction of both OEM and their client with commendations given to Skyform from Siemens Project Management.

Sweden – 110 WTG’s Siemens

In June/July 2014 we were asked to mobilise a team in extremely short timescales to perform statutory service and maintenance works on three Windfarms in Sweden including Morttjarnberget, Bjorkhojden and Ögonfägnaden. Once all European certification was achieved, our engineers travelled within a matter of hours to Sweden and were met by our bespoke mobile truck custom built for this operation. We successfully completed all works on these 115m tall turbines ahead of schedule and feedback from local site management was that they were extremely impressed by the quality of workmanship of our engineers and the knowledge shown in fault finding and rectifying troublesome equipment.


You can view the various locations where Skyform Wind currently operate on land and sea on this map.

Glens of Foudland – 20 WTG’s Centrica

Skyform perform all Statutory Inspections works for Centrica on this windfarm onshore in Aberdeenshire. Skyform works closely with our consultants on pressure systems for this field enabling a more complete written scheme to be documented to the customer’s satisfaction.

Alt Wallis – 10WTG’s Statkraft

As the incumbent for this site we successfully negotiated with Statkraft to continue our works and also the ongoing Statutory Inspection works.

Written Scheme of Examinations

Under PSSR (Pressure System Safety Regulations 2000) there is a requirement for a written scheme of examination for accumulators / PRV’s (Pressure Relief Valves) to ensure legal obligations are met for our clients. Skyform works closely with industry leading experts to ensure best value written schemes are generated for the level of risk associated with the product and the activities. Our online software system provides detail of each asset with its serial number and individual photographs showing current condition, location and compliance status.

Deutsche Windtechnik Ltd – BaTii / Blacklaw

In September 2015 Skyform were successfully awarded the contract for Statutory Inspection works for DWT at both windfarms. Having worked at both sites for a number of years our quality of workmanship and experience on the WTG’s put us in a strong position and once discussions began with DWT we believe our all-round package of qualified engineers, support system, stock levels etc. enabled us to ensure the DWT decision was straightforward.