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Our History

Skyform (Scotland) Limited is a multi-disciplined company providing access and construction solutions across Europe to various different Market Sectors. This Glasgow based company was founded in 1995 by Managing Director Jim Campbell purely as an access provider before expanding into specialist and general construction works.

Company Background

We have created a strong customer base and have established ourselves as one of the leading providers of cradle access in the UK. Our large customer base is due largely to the energy and enthusiasm of our Managing Director and our employees who continually strive in ensuring the services provided are always of the highest quality, our clients demands are met in terms of the service, price and of course Health and Safety which is our highest priority.

Skyform within the Renewables

The returns gained allowed us to invest heavily in our Access Division. Skyform have a fully equipped workshop with Qualified Engineers who are experienced in the maintenance and commissioning of lifting equipment. From this we became involved with a Belgian company Skyman International and were invited to send our operatives to Belgium to train as towerhoist engineers. We were only chosen to do this due to our competence in Access Systems and our reputation being such of compliance and quality.

From that point till now we have been delighted with the progress that our Skyform Wind division has had in the renewable energy industry. Siemens PLC have contracted us to service, commission and overhaul all Skyman Towerhoists throughout the UK. We believe this decision was, in part, due to a specifically designed database system which takes all of the responsibility for service scheduling out of the hands of the client.

The current scope of works is to service and maintain Towerhoists and other internal components across Europe and offshore. During this exciting time in the Wind industry we believe the potential for continued growth looks very positive.

In reference to the above, Skyman International has approved service companies throughout the world, with Skyform being the only one for the UK and Ireland. We are glad to announce that they are using Skyform Wind’s procedures as a template to roll out to its distributors worldwide.

Skyform Wind has a dedicated Training Centre in Glasgow in which we train hundreds of contractors and operatives per year on the safe use and troubleshooting of the Wind Turbine ‘Towerhoist’.

Moving Forward

Skyform has seen unprecedented growth over the past four years due to our continuous efforts for improvements, and our consistent commitment to Quality and Health and Safety. We recently refocused our branding strategy aiming to better reach our prospective clients by rebranding Skyform ECO and Skyform Wind divisions.

In this way we believe we will be able to provide better focused services and dedicate our resources more efficiently, with the ultimate goal to create happier clients. We are confident that the above changes will create more opportunities for growth and will bring new business ventures. We at Skyform are positive that if we continue our current approach with the ambition, integrity and professionalism and with our client centered approach to the marketplace, we will continue to grow and prosper.

Fully trained. Fully Certified.